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Knowing When To Stop

August 11, 2013

A Story of Warning, From Me To You Several years ago, now, I decided my little NYC apartment needed some art, so I did what any bootstrappy artist type living in the city would do: I dropped what I was doing, marched to the local art store, and dropped way more cash than was appropriate […]

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Your High School Student Can’t Divide

April 5, 2012

The other morning a friend dropped me a New York Times article by Michael Ellsberg (author of The Education of Millionaires). It’s pretty typical for people to shoot me Ellsberg’s work, because, hey! I write a blog called Stay Out Of School, so I must be totally down with this drop-out-and-start-up thing. In this particular […]

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It’s About our Values, Stupid

November 16, 2011

I have had it. This conversation about the value of college has gone absolutely off the rails. I’m so ticked this morning I’m having trouble writing coherently. I guess this makes sense, because anger is rooted in fear, and I have finally become terrified for the future of education in the United States. I found […]

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The Evolution of Smarter Search: A Convo With Stefan Weitz

September 21, 2011

barn owl South Florida rodent control recipe fast sweet peas artichoke pasta best tires minivan city driving If you use the web with regularity, which you probably do, you’ve likely developed fluency in Ad Hoc Searchese, that loose, disjointed language we all use to tease out search results that suit our needs. Whether you’re searching […]

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Memorization: It Isn’t for Fools

August 17, 2011

I saw a commercial the other day in which a young man who appears to be traveling in Europe speaks some English into his cell phone, presses a button, and the phone translates to the frowning older man he’s talking to that the boy’s “grandfather is from this town.” The old man smiles and takes […]

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Tech Alternatives Don’t Foster The Imagination of Humanness

June 8, 2011

This marks the last in a three-part installation of clips of Martha Craven Nussbaum’s 2011 Commencement address at Mount Holyoke College. Nussbaum’s commentary is incredibly timely, having come just before the announcement of Peter Theil’s pay-to-drop-out program for college students to start businesses and the heated conversation that entrepreneurs are having around education, illegal unpaid […]

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Tech Alternative Ed is Not a Path to World Peace

June 3, 2011

In case you missed the previous post that sets the stage for the following clip, we’re taking a three-part look at Martha Craven Nussbaum’s address to the graduating seniors at Mount Holyoke College this past May. Ms. Nussbaum’s comments are timely, as we’re seeing a spate of people/orgs encouraging kids to drop out of college […]

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Tech is Not An Education Replacement: Part 1

June 1, 2011

A few weeks ago I attended Commencement at my alma mater, Mount Holyoke College. The commencement address was given by education philosopher and theorist Martha Craven Nussbaum. Admittedly, I’m a big fan of the “go-get-‘em kids!” style commencement address, and that’s not really what we had here. However, what we heard that afternoon was probably […]

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The Artist Interviews: Ned Canty, Opera Director

May 10, 2011

Ned Canty is a stage director with credits from companies such as Glimmerglass Opera, Wolf Trap Opera, Opera Theatre of St. Louis, Santa Fe Opera and New York City Opera. The New York Times has described his stage direction as having “a startling combination of sensitivity and panache,” and Opera News said, “The future of […]

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Dan Brown’s Open Letter to Educators

May 2, 2011

Let’s get real here. I write a blog called Stay Out of School. Why? Years ago, as a recent college graduate, I read David Mamet’s admonition to actors to avoid graduate school in his book True and False. I use the title just as much to be provocative as to sound the alarm about the […]

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